Individual Therapy

Tailored towards specific needs, individual sessions provide the most direct impact on client results. 

One-on-One Sessions

Music therapy sessions that are uniquely designed based on the needs of the individual. Goal areas might include attention, planning/sequencing, communication, self-regulation, etc. Sessions range from 45 minutes to 60 minutes. 

Co-Treatment with Related Therapy

At Elevate Music Therapy, we believe in working cohesively with related disciplines to help our clients achieve their goals. We find collaboration especially effective for individuals who struggle during traditional therapy sessions. Contact us today to learn more.

Group Sessions

Not looking for individual therapy? Check out our group offerings below.

Social Skills Group

Does your loved one struggle with social interactions? If so, a social skills group might be the answer. Participants have the opportunity to practice social skills in a safe environment, while receiving instruction and coaching from a therapist.

Sing, Play, Discover

Sing, Play, Discover is a music group designed for children ages 2-4 years and their caregivers. This group targets developmental goal areas such as language, social skills, attention, caregiver attachment, etc. Come join us and see what the fun is all about!

Facility Contracts

Custom-tailored programs to fit the needs of your facility

Memory Care Programs

Our memory care program is targeted towards the aging population. Music can promote memory recall, improve quality of life, and encourage physical movement. The weekly therapy sessions target these areas and more through music and musical experiences. 

Early Childhood Programs

We offer contracts with Early Childhood facilities to provide weekly Early Childhood music therapy. Each session targets developmental goals, and the curriculum is uniquely designed around the needs of facility.